Circus Zambia

Project Impact

Circus Zambia is a social circus company based in Lusaka, Zambia. Our organization equips young people from vulnerable backgrounds with circus and life skills while providing educational and employment opportunities. Our goal is to empower youths to become change makers in their communities.

Circus Zambia is made by and for young people. Through our shows, tv appereances and community work youth get familiar with our work. We have a weekly circus training open to all who wish to join. This is the gateway into our other activities, which are grouped under the Body, Mind and Soul Activities. This includes training to become a circus performers or workshop leader (body), scholarship, tutoring and mentorship (mind) and discussing, learning and teaching about social issues that affect the communities (Soul). Circus and art are at the heart of all activities.

Localizing SDG is a very relevant program for us since our main goal is to encourage youth to become active change makers in their society. This program provides a link to the international and policy related world of the SDG’s and the issues they encounter in their daily lives and communities. It thus bring them closer to these issues and gives them the tools and the responsibility to work together with local structures to find solutions. In addition, this program permits us to create powerful partnerships that can lead to changes on a National Level.

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